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  1. I agree. Right now if you want to reach parents Facebook seems to be the tool most parents are using to connect socially. Why you wouldn't want to leverage this I have no idea. Maybe because to many Pastors are trying to get their people to use Godbook (facebook for churches). I think the newest trend in Social media will not be a new platform but cetnralizaniot.

  2. So eine tolle Wäschetonne will ich auch! :) Mhmm, dass sieht toll aus, wegen mir kann es jeden Tag etwas aus der Küche geben! 😉 Hach, so eine Lemonade könnte ich jetzt auch gut gebrauchen, denn ich kann vor Hitze in meinem stylischen Dachzimmer nicht schlafen, obwohl ich 11 Stunden Busfahrt und eine Woche französisch Reden hinter mir habe!Lg Ronja

  3. Normaldir.Çünkü Antalya’nın doÄŸusunda kalan kıyılarda sürekli olarak lodos eser yaz mevsiminde ve Akdeniz’den nem pompalar. Yükselici bir hava hareketi de olmayınca bu bulutlar uzun süre asılı kalır ve nefes aldırmaz. Aynı ÅŸeyi Ä°skenderun’da, Mersin’de, Adana’da da gözlemleyebilirsiniz.

  4. Oh…why do we even read the stupid experts…i dunno what others think but here's my say…i come back to your blog daily (sometimes more than once) hoping you have updated because not just your style, but what you write and your take on life and fashion cheer me up…you have more life in you than most teenagers i know…and women are beautiful at any age and anyone would be lucky to be as attractive and full of joie de vivre as you at any age!

  5. I think you’re misunderstanding what we mean by “downloadable” game. We consider ‘Splosion Man to be downloadable because it’s on XBLA. Same with WiiWare, iPhone, and services like Greenhouse, Steam, and D2D (as long as the games aren’t in a box on a store shelf somewhere). I also consider it to be “indie,” but arguing the definition of what “indie” is seems to be a very slippery slope these days.

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